'I have found the online coaching tools to be excellent platforms for gaining a deeper understanding of the coachee.' Executive Coach

'They are great vehicles for exploring areas that otherwise might have been more difficult to target. They make the focus for coaching more readily and immediately accessible' Executive Coach

'They have enabled a focused exploration of the coachee’s issues or concerns and have helped in the development of solutions.' Executive Coach

'A great platform for discussion, layered information and different perspectives.' Executive Coach

'The report led to a meaty conversation and raised awareness.' Executive Coach

'An opportunity to really understand what people are thinking about me with no awkwardness involved.' Candidate

'The feedback gave me ways to improve ineffective behaviours.' Candidate

'The coach was very supportive and read me well which helped me to understand myself better.' Candidate

'This was a good tool to kick start the discussion on my management style, and covered a wide range of leadership areas from emotional intelligence to communication techniques.' Candidate

'The suite of 360 degree tools offered by Executive Coaching Tools gives great choice.' Executive Coach

'The reports are easy to interpret and use.' Executive Coach

'The tools are flexible enough to still allow me to remain true to my own style.' Executive Coach

'It was easy to complete – only took 15 minutes with clear instructions. It was very useful feedback and challenge.' Candidate

'Accurately identified key areas which need attention.' Candidate

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