The process
The easy way to order your tools:
  • Please visit our website, read the Terms and Conditions and then log in using your unique password and id.
  • Click on the Order Coaching Tools button in your home page, complete the form (the candidate name, email address, sex, selected tool and due date) click on add. Please note, we recommend that you set the due date to at least one week prior to your coaching session.
  • You will receive an invoice for your order by email. You will be able to pay for the tools by cheque, bank transfer or card payment over the phone. Once payment has been received you will be given access to view reports.
  • As soon as you have ordered a tool the candidate will receive an email with instructions from Executive Coaching Tools Ltd on how to complete the questionnaire online and requesting they set up their contributors within 2 days.
  • The contributors will then receive an email asking them to complete the questionnaire on the candidate's behalf, providing a link to the online system and a date for completion.
  • As the coach you will be able to log onto your Home Page at any time, using the log in button at the top of each web page, to monitor progress and print off completed reports. It is the responsibility of the coach to ensure all questionnaires are completed on time, using the reminder email functionality found within the Candidate Monitor section, under contributors.

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