About us
The tools have been designed and developed by experienced executive coaches and underpinned and validated by rigorous analysis and research provided by our occupational psychologist.

We commit to delivering exceptional products, using the latest technology and providing high quality support services. You will receive clearly presented and easy to interpret reports free from jargon.

The tools meet real needs and deliver tangible value.
Benefits for the Candidate
The candidates will really benefit from the use of the tools because:
They allow individuals in senior management positions to receive open and honest feedback.
The feedback is anonymous.
The data is collated in a unique report that provides detailed personalised analysis of performance.
Individuals can work with their coach to develop a meaningful development plan to apply this enhanced self awareness and learning back to the business.

Our strategic business partner is Gordon Cooper Associates Ltd, they work in collaboration with us, providing a pool of highly qualified and experienced coaches to support our clients.

a selection of our clients

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